As a creative, I followed my dreams of working in fashion. After 18-years of exploration and success in the industry, I searched for what was next. My path led me back to the core of what inspires me- the limitless boundaries of exploration through art.

I create art that mirrors journeys that I have explored around the world. Journeys that I have had internally. Journeys that I may envision for the future.

My motivation is to empower others through art as a journey.  By asking each participant to challenge the ways that they traditionally see, live in and approach their worlds, we raise awareness of the limitless boundaries that are accessible to us everyday.  

By questioning oneself, we may truly break free to live out  the life of our dreams. Keep it outside of the box.  -Melissa Anderson  


Art is the limitless potential of what we know, as we know it.  As an artist, I launched my career with a degree in fashion and textile design. In 2016, after many years working in the industry from New York and Los Angeles, I founded BOXTHEOUTSIDE- a creative brand consultancy and leadership coaching experience. BTO ART, is where limitless potential lives and where I am able to share that journey with you.  Keep thinking outside of the box.